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I am 100% real; am respectful and empathise with others. I know where I'm going and what I want. I am happy and content with me.

I have a GSOH, let's face it got to have to be on this site haha!!

I love to laugh and to make others laugh.

I like listening to R 'N' B, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, Lovers. Old Skool. Anything really that sounds good.

I can be deep at times as well as shy and quiet, usually when I'm asleep lol!!

I am a very straight talking person and say it like it is; I say what I mean and mean what I say.

I love to cook; Had a good role model; my father.
Favourite Food: Anything spicy.
Favourite Chocolate: Aero Bubbles and fruit and nut like me lol...

My interests are varied I am quietly confident .not up myself. I know my strengths and my weaknesses can't think of any right now lol!!

Not ready for my rocking chair just yet haha !! and yes I still like my music and going to clubs. I can groove with the best of them. Also content to curl up on the sofa and watch a good Thriller/War/Action/Factual films with good conversation.

Updated pics are always best and not a pic of you 20 years younger than you actually are, NAUGHTY!!!!

Do not judge me on my cover alone and think you know me
Do not look into my eyes and think you can see what they hold
Is my hair the wrong colour
Are my words not pleasing
You will miss out on a bestseller
You could have had the manuscript in your hands called ME!!



Average = Average or Athletic (What is Average by the way?)

Overweight does not = Athletic/Average

Oh please keep it real if you are in any doubt I'm sure a Dictionary/Thesaurus will explain all

On our first meet it will be apparent if you have not been truthful; if this is the case you will understand if my face drops you know the one the one when you get a prezzy that you do'nt like you try to look pleased but it aint working.

User Statistics

Gender: Female
Country: England
County: Buckinghamshire
City/Town: Chesham
Age: 56
Martial Status: Single
Body Type: Slim
Can Accommodate: Yes
Can Travel: No
Smoking: Yes
Drinking: Yes

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